Why we are different

…based on perspiration and performance

Trans-action’s record of more than 80,000 projects over three decades has been achieved without any penalty for poor work or a missed deadline.

We publish a translation price list. It allows competitors to undercut on cost, but it frees us to compete solely on quality and performance. For small work, trans@ction’s minimum charges may well be the lowest in the business.

We were also the first agency to provide an online translation cost estimator – so you don’t have to phone or email to know pretty accurately what your project may cost.

Our pricing structure is simple. With a few exceptions, we charge for the number of words in the final translation. There are no extras for complexity and no premiums for urgency. We will match your original layout at no extra cost (unless it involves hours of studio or research time, which we’ll discuss with you beforehand).

We provide free, no-obligation advice – even if you’re not a regular customer.

Some agencies believe there is safety in numbers, boasting hundreds – and sometimes thousands – of translators. We prefer a small team of highly skilled people who can develop a long-term relationship with clients and get to know their individual needs. Our client base is modest and is based on performance, reputation and – most valuable of all – referrals from customers who appreciate personalised service.

We belong to the small club of translation companies with a credible history. In a Common Sense Advisory survey of 1500 translation agencies in the UK, only 14 percent of respondents had survived for 20 years.

 Cost Estimator

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