Avoiding tangles on your website

Web translation without the technical glitches…

Website translation is one of the biggest growth areas in the languages market. For companies operating globally, the Web is now a crucial communication and marketing tool. Statistics indicate that more than 90 percent of internet traffic is in English. But try telling that to your Norwegian friends…

Website translations can be carried out in two ways:

  • Option 1: We supply you with just the text, as a Microsoft Word document. The translation must then be imposed by whoever is responsible for your website. This not without risk, because unusual errors can occur when moving MS Word text into an HTML environment.


  • Option 2: We replicate the translation over your HTML file. With only a minimal amount of extra work, this allows for the finished translation to be in the same format as the original web pages, ready for immediate publication. This option is available for Chinese and Japanese, as well as all European languages. As part of the process, we will check your site after publication and deal with any glitches.

Option 2 offers several advantages:

  • The translation is laid out in the same format as the original website, avoiding all the coding difficulties involved in transferring word-processed files to HTML
  • Translating over the original HTML text eliminates the risk of error in having new web pages assembled by someone who does not understand the language
  • The overall cost of producing your translated web pages will be lower. Usually, only minimal changes to layout are required after translation (except for languages such as Arabic, Chinese and Japanese, of course)

There are key issues to consider, when translating for the Web

Our standard rates apply for website translations.

A small charge may be added for over-keying an HTML file, depending on the amount of reformatting or code adjustments. Additional translation charges will only be incurred if the text is exceptionally technical or requires extra hours of research – and we will advise you of any extra costs beforehand.

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