The overnight translators offers a fast and dependable overnight translation service in all the world’s major languages.

...whatever the subject

English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish and Italian are the principal languages, but we also translate into and from the other European, Scandinavian, Slavic, Semitic, Asian and Pacific languages. Food, taxation, finance, property, pharmaceuticals, aviation, energy, defence, advertising, public relations, tourism, disaster relief... just some of the subjects we make better understood in almost 100 languages.

We translate while you sleep

Our translators are based in the Northern and Southern hemispheres, so we will be at work while you are asleep, delivering translations to your desktop at a price and performance level no other agency can match.

The highest quality...

Our four-stage quality control system ensures that your translation will be near-perfect. We deliver world-class quality, on time, on budget, every time - with no misunderstandings.

...from world-class experts...

Our team's range of specialist skills includes information technology, finance, law, food, defence, medicine, marketing, science and the arts. sensible prices

Minimum charges for the major language combinations from or to English range from £11.95 to £21.45 for 100 words - probably the lowest in the industry. We publish our translation prices right here, and there's an easy-to-use cost estimate calculator. Long-term projects or large documents will usually cost less than the standard rates.

Who we are created the world's first overnight translation service in 1990, when the internet and the Web did not exist. Since then, we have translated millions of words for hundreds of clients, dealing with everything from software localisation for the British Standards Institute to the specifications for the Challenger battle tank, and the first standard training manual for the world's Top 15 humanitarian aid agencies.

Why we are different

60,000 translations over more than two decades have been completed without any penalty for poor work or missed deadline. We publish a comprehensive translation price list. Competitors can undercut our charges, but we compete on quality and performance. We value customer loyalty. One of them has so far entrusted us with more than 7000 projects.

What we are not

Sadly, we are not quite all things to all people. We have dismally failed to forge lasting working relationships with holidaymakers who seek the translation of messages from their Greek or Turkish lovers. We also have a tragic record of debt recovery with those who went on to need translations of the resulting marriage certificates and divorce decrees. Our overnight translation service is only offered to businesses and organisations.