About is Europe’s original overnight translation service. It was founded in 1990, when the internet and the worldwide web did not exist.

Since then, we have translated many millions of words for more than 1000 clients. This record of more than 60,000 projects over 22 years has been achieved without a single penalty for poor work or a missed deadline.

We are unique in publishing a plain and simple translation price list. While this allows competitors to undercut on cost, it frees us to compete solely on quality and performance. For small projects (best suited to our overnight service), trans@ction’s minimum charges are probably the lowest in the industry.

Our pricing policy is also simple. We charge for the number of words in the final translation. There are no extras for complexity and no premiums for urgency.

trans@ction is also the first agency in the world to provide an online translation cost estimator – so you don’t have to phone or email to discover what your project may cost, if you trust it to us.

We provide free, no-obligation advice on all aspects of translation – even if you are not a regular customer.

trans@ction runs almost 24/7, so someone is usually available in the Northern or Southern hemisphere, to take your call or respond to an email.

trans@ction subscribes to no industry-interest organisations and neither does it seek accreditation by any standards authority (the costs of both are always passed on to end-users, with few tangible benefits to them). Our reputation, based on more than two decades of work, relies purely on what we delivered to customers today.

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